As noted in the ‘discrimination‘ section, not only does psychology have an anti-men bias, it also accepts and legitimises anti-men rhetoric (see here for example – or for a brief review, here). Much of this is based on false or out-dated myths (many related to Critical Theory concepts) about male dominance. These myths abound in every-day discussion: we have all heard terms such as ‘gender pay gap’, and statements claiming that men are ‘privileged’, that only women suffer from domestic violence, that men are prioritised in society etc. However, as noted, psychologists should draw upon facts (as any science-based discipline should), especially since they are dealing with diagnoses and treatment of health. As a result, it is particularly disappointing and damaging when we see psychologists believing and perpetuating such myths – especially when we should be able to rely on them for accurate facts about reality and health.

Below we list some resources to help you make sense of the false information that is in general circulation, and to help you gain some accurate facts regarding men and women.

Regarding feminist myths:

Accurate information and resources about men:

Preliminary research into the impact of anti-men rhetoric here

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