The Problem

Mental health services in the UK are under threat from ideology, poor governance, and censorship.

If these threats are not addressed, we fear that our patients will be put at further risk, and the discipline of psychology will lose all credibility.

In particular, psychologists are breaching legal, ethical, and Health and Care Professions Council guidelines through promotion of discriminatory opinions and practices, potentially preventing those in need for seeking help, and also putting patients at risk through promoting ineffectual or damaging treatments.

To learn more about discriminatory behaviour in psychology, see here.

To learn about the harmful practices currently being embraced within psychology, see here.

To see the problems caused by lack of scientific rigour, and promotion of ideology, see here.

To learn about problems within the British Psychological Society (The BPS) see here.

To see organisations to be(a)ware of, click here.

If you have similar concerns to share, please contact us.

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