It’s time for us to stop negatively stereotyping men

As any visitors to our website will know, we have very grave concerns about the British Psychological Society’s ‘Power Threat Meaning Framework’ : a pseudo-scientific ideology-driven piece of ‘work’ that aims to undo a great deal of the therapeutic work developed over years by evidence-driven practitioners.

Despite an increasing number of respected clinicians raising concerns about the framework (both theoretical and practical), to our knowledge the BPS is still promoting it. This is of little surprise to anyone who has encountered the BPS, especially in recent years, when their primary concern seems to be promoting a fashionable political agenda rather than focusing on legitimate psychological care.

This piece, written by the Center for Male Psychology, again, highlights the ethically dubious nature of the PTMF. Indeed, any practitioner (or academic) with a shred of professional integrity would be horrified at the examples of victim-blaming that are evidenced in the piece (not to mention the complete lack of evidence to back up exceptionally questionable theoretical statements).

As we have mentioned previously, we urge anyone (clinicians, potential patients, scholars) to report any ethically dubious practices or pieces of work such as the PTMF to the Healthcare Professional’s Council (the HCPC). This can be done by following the link in this article.

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